How it Started

Dr. Brian Delbridge developed his philosophy of LAF as a layman while teaching a Sunday School class in Owosso, Michigan. The Sunday School class embraced the philosophy of LAF and made it a lifestyle for the class and each person individually. They were determined to give three guarantees to anyone who came to the class. Each person would be:

LOVED unconditionally, which meant they would “do well” for them.

ACCEPTED without reservation regardless of their lifestyle or background. They would accept the person without condoning sinful behavior.

FORGIVEN (not judged) regardless of how miserably they had failed.

The result was transformational!

That philosophy of ministry continued as Dr. Delbridge moved into pastoral ministry. At each church several weeks were spent teaching and equipping the people for LAF. The result continued to be transformational along with numerical and spiritual growth in each congregation. People by the hundreds, coming from a myriad of damaged backgrounds and experiences found LAF (love, acceptance and forgiveness). For many, it was the demonstration of LAF that brought them into a relationship with Christ.

LAF Ministries is committed to equipping the Church to do what we have been called and gifted to do: demonstrate God’s LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS to a world starving for something authentic. They find it in an environment of LAF.


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