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Philosophy of Ministry
Core Values
Making Good Decisions
Conflict Resolution
Crisis Management
Hiring Staff
Building Teams
Transformational Leadership
Handling Change
Stress in the Pastorate
Pastoral Management Hints
Church Finance with Larry Schuneman
Clergy Taxes with Dr David Underwood
A Giving Church
Learning from Mistakes
Importance of Prayer
Random Thoughts
Know Yourself
Establishing Clear Expectations
Characteristics of a Healthy Church
Principles for Church Health
Counseling Tips
Aligning Ministry
Planning Special Services
A Lifestyle of Love Acceptance and Forgiveness
A Time to Remember
Devine Appointments
Reflections on Fathers
Building Faith
Living in the Scratch
Building Confidence
A Pastors Family - An Interview with Mary Simms Gerdes
Philosophy and Ministry
Core Values
The Art of Making Good Decisions
Delegation Can Make or Break a Ministry
Developing the Skills of Conflict Resolution
Managing a Crisis Effectively
Hiring Staff
Building Staff
Transformational Leadership
Handling Change and Risk-Taking
Administration Tips
The Importance of Prayer
Random Thoughts
Transformational Leadership
Clear Expectations
Kenya Ministry Reflections
Aligning Your Ministry
Knowing Yourself
Developing Confidence
Learning from Mistakes
Core Teams
Devine Appointments
Building Faith
Building a Giving Church
Administrative Tips
Love Acceptance & Forgiveness
A No Compromise Church
A Tribute to Mothers
It is All Personal - Pentecost
Releasing Gods Dream
A Tribute to America
Let Freedom Ring
Hows Your Love Life
Its Time to Celebrate
Final Broadcast


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